When you need to know when a People Mover bus will arrive, or exactly where the bus is, two new online tools can give the answer.

In partnership with Code for Anchorage, a volunteer group that develops civic technology, People Mover is rolling out real-time bus information over the Web.

One tool gives estimated arrival times for any stop number. The nearest stop can be found by entering an address, or based on the location of a mobile device. The tool is currently found at bus.codeforanchorage.org. It can also be used via text message to (907) 312-2060, which makes it accessible for people without smartphones or data plans.

Another tool plots current bus locations on Google Maps. It's an expansion of a trip-planning function added to the People Mover website two years ago, as a product of a "hackathon."

City public transportation planner Bart Rudolph says the department is always looking for ways to eliminate barriers to using transit.