Alaska Airline Club 49 Rick Rydell

You can get to St. Louis for less with Alaska Airlines and Club 49!

With Club 49, you can explore new cities for less with weekly fare sales, and with the unbeatable Alaska Airlines mileage plan, you can earn award travel faster and travel even more. This week, get to St. Louis for as low as $199 one way! What’s happening on the Big River? How about:

· The Budweiser Brewery Experience – explore the history of American brewing, with several tours available daily – including a Beermaster Experience!

· Big Muddy Adventures – get out on the Mississippi with one of their guided tours

· Jazz, jazz, jazz – St. Louis is bubbling with culture, jazz halls, burlesque rooms, and live music!

Alaska Airlines has some of the best fares when it comes to travel – but did you know you can see what’s on sale before anyone else? With the Club 49 weekly Insider emails, you’ll get those weekly fare specials delivered right to your inbox, with in-state travel discounts, too! The benefits don’t stop there-

· You can check up to two bags for free when you fly to and from Alaska – and THREE bags if you’re flying within state!

· Use your annual Travel Now discount to take 30% off two one-way tickets if you book within 4 days of departure! You can use it for emergency travel for business or family – or an “emergency” weekend in Vegas with your best friend!

It’s travel Tuesday and this week St. Louis is on sale. Go to this station’s website KEYWORD: Club 49!

St. Louis • Purchase Dates: 6/13-6/15 • Travel Dates: 9/24-10/24•

Alaska Airline Club 49 Sweepstakes Rick Rydell

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