Anchorage assemblyman revives push for alcohol tax

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An Anchorage assemblyman has resurrected the idea of a local liquor sales tax to pay for community problems associated with alcohol and drug abuse.

Assembly Chair Dick Traini wants a 2 percent sales tax on alcohol bought from distributors. That means Anchorage bars and liquor stores would pay more when ordering alcohol. The higher cost is generally passed on to customers at the bar or register.

Revenue from the tax, if put on the city's 2018 ballot and approved by voters, would be dedicated to "financing alcohol and/or drug treatment, emergency transportation, public safety purposes related to detrimental primary and secondary effects of alcohol or drug abuse, and housing programs, including housing programs for chronic inebriates," according to Traini's proposal. The Assembly could raise the tax up to 6 percent over time.

Anchorage assemblyman revives push for alcohol tax


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