From George Jacko to Dean Westlake an article by Suzanne Downing

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Back in 1993, when Sen. George Jacko of Pedro Bay was censured by the Alaska Senate for harassment of female staffers, Bryce Edgmon was Jacko’s up-and-coming legislative aide, and he likely saw it all go down from his front-row seat.

Jacko harassed and allegedly stalked the aide of Sen. Suzanne Little in February of 1993. His world unraveled because he called the Juneau Police Department one night and said he needed police help getting into the hotel room of the aide, because “It has to do with state government … It’s kind of an urgent situation.”

Jacko banged on the door of the hotel room where the woman was living, and the legislator also tried to cajole the clerk into giving him the key. He reeked of alcohol, the clerk later pointed out when authorities opened a case.

From George Jacko to Dean Westlake

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