Net neutrality comments from Alaskans: Fake?

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Hundreds of thousands — perhaps millions — of public comments on “net neutrality” regulations are now known to be fake. Tens of thousands may be from Alaskans who don’t even know they commented to the FCC. People in Salcha, Hooper Bay, Port Lion, and Thorne Bay.

The extent of the possible fraud raises questions about the quality and veracity of the public process going forward, and deserves scrutiny.

Must Read Alaska scanned dozens of comments from “Alaskans” and found a preponderance of what look to be fakes — from addresses in Alaska that do not exist, and from people who don’t show up in any Alaska voter database. In fact, it was hard to find many that appeared legitimate, although MRAK located comments from some Juneau Democrats that we deem “probably real.” They definitely oppose the FCC freeing of the Internet.

Net neutrality comments from Alaskans: Fake?


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