"Dark & shivering" an article by Craig Medred

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Despite a warm December sliding toward a balmy end along the Alaska Gulf Coast, the national Climate Prediction Center is sticking with its forecast that January, February and March are likely to return the 49th state to the long, cold dark for which it is famous.

Though this might make snow sport lovers in the north smile, the forecast also comes with a prediction for less than normal precipitation as well, and the three months in question are the snow shortest months – outside of summer – in the heavily populated part of the Alaska. 

The center’s Dec. 21 prediction does caution that its view of the future is based on statistical probabilities spun out of more than a half-dozen sometimes less than complimentary climate prediction models, and as such this is more a prediction of what might be rather than what will be.

"Dark & shivering" an article by Craig Medred


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