"Trump is not helping Republicans" by Paul Jenkins

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The headline “Poll: Democrats lead on generic ballot in 2018,” got me wondering: Can that be true?The headlined story in The Hill, written by Julia Manchester, says 44 percent of an Economist-YouGov poll’s respondents indicated they would have voted for Democratic candidates in their own districts — if the election had been held the day they participated in the poll, which was conducted Dec. 24-Dec. 26. Only 36 percent said they would have voted for GOP candidates.

Perhaps more important, the poll also found 52 percent of its respondents saying the country is headed in the wrong direction; 34 percent said it generally is headed in the right direction.

If you are among those who believe polls generally are correct, the evidence they can be laughably wrong is tweeting with verve and reckless abandon every day from the bowels of the White House. Up until swing states abandoned Hillary Clinton on election night last year — and nobody saw that coming — it was a foregone conclusion among many pollsters, pundits and political prognosticators that The Donald was toast.

"Trump is not helping Republicans" by Paul Jenkins


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