Brennan: Decision time in Juneau

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If you still have a hat, hang onto it. The Alaska Legislature opens its first session of the year a week from Tuesday.

On January 16 everything goes on the table and this year you can be sure that a lot of things will be resolved that have been hanging over our heads for a very long time.

One of those will be a decision to use a portion of Permanent Fund earnings to fund state government. If they don’t take it from the Earnings Reserve account of the Permanent Fund, the only alternative will almost certainly be to impose new taxes, presumably on you and me.

While some will almost certainly say sock it to the oil companies, that would be a very destructive strategy. It would discourage new investment at a time when we very desperately need new investment, especially in projects that will produce more oil and generate more tax and royalty revenues.

Brennan: Decision time in Juneau


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