Brennan: Wasilla-Anchorage rail service

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My first reaction to Gov. Bill Walker’s executive order on commuter rail service between Anchorage and Wasilla was skeptical to put it mildly.

Oh boy, I thought, here comes another Knik Arm Crossing-type project. Throwing millions of dollars on something that won’t work. This is not Los Angeles or New York where the numbers on computers are huge. And, I was sure, the people who commute to Anchorage would always want to have their cars handy for short trips around town after they got here.

But when I expressed my skepticism to a friend who is more knowledgeable on such subjects, he told me I was all wet and a lot of Valley commuters would likely use the service. After all, he said, quite a few of the commuters come to town, go directly to their offices or other workplaces and head home right after quitting time.

Brennan: Wasilla-Anchorage rail service


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