Brown Jug store faces restrictions for renewed license

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The Anchorage Assembly unanimously passed a resolution that gives Mountain View a voice in how a liquor store in its neighborhood can operate.  

The resolution recommends that the Alaska Beverage Control Board puts certain restrictions on the Brown Jug store on Bragaw Street, next to Red Apple, if it wants to renew its liquor license. The Assembly had protested renewing that license. Instead, it approved conditions that the Mountain View community brought forth and Brown Jug accepted.

The Community Council worked with the company for several weeks, hammering out those conditions. The community strongly felt the liquor store needed to shorten its hours and not sell certain kinds of alcohol. In the end, the deal looks like this: Brown Jug won’t open until noon, will not be able to sell mini-bottles of liquor or single bottles of beer and small containers of wine and six-packs of beer below $6 and must label all alcohol with stickers that identify where it was sold.

Brown Jug store faces restrictions for renewed license


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