Jenkins: Alaska gun measure needs work

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By Paul Jenkins |

Legislation that would allow “red flag” orders barring people deemed a danger to themselves or others from access to firearms is struggling in Juneau — and for good reason.

House Bill 75, introduced last year by Anchorage Democratic Rep. Geran Tarr, would deny — before a crime is committed — a person access to firearms and ammunition after a police officer, a judge or a magistrate deemed him or her a “dangerous individual.”

The measure defines a “dangerous individual” as someone who is an immediate danger to themselves or others, or who will be a risk “in the future.” A mentally ill person who does not “voluntarily and consistently” take their prescribed medications can be classified as dangerous. Documented evidence that would “give rise to a reasonable” belief a person has a “propensity” for violence or unstable conduct also could classify a person as dangerous.

Jenkins: Alaska gun measure needs work

Jenkins: Alaska gun measure needs work

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