Man with four oustanding warrants wanted by police

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Anchorage Police are again turning to the public for help tracking down a man with four outstanding warrants connected to separate charges of domestic violence, drugs and burglary.  

Anchorage Police say in February, authorities served 47-year-old Robert Allen Carleson with a domestic violence restraining order. But, four hours later, Carleson allegedly violated that order by asking a mutual friend to contact the petitioner, asking them to put money on a debit card for Carleson to spend. Police say officers were unable to locate Carleson and obtained a warrant for his arrest.

Police say Carleson has three other outstanding arrest warrants; the first a felony warrant for a parole violation. Police say the original charges include counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance and burglary. They say another felony warrant, for another probation violation, involved yet another burglary charge. And, they say Carleson also has a misdemeanor warrant for violating another domestic violence restraining order.

Man with four oustanding warrants wanted by police


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