Stand for Salmon Spawns Questionable Coalition

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Every election cycle there is inevitably some kind of controversial issue. This is the nature of politics. In addition to the high profile and contentious governor’s race this year, there is also the Stand for Salmon ballot initiative. This is highly controversial. The initiative was initially denied by Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott. So the group appealed it all the way to the Alaska Supreme Court. A decision has yet to be made. According to State Solicitor General Joanne Grace, a decision has to be make by September 5 for Division of Elections to be able to print ballots properly.

Another group, Stand for Alaska (you can see their ad on the Landmine), formed to oppose Stand for Salmon. Many in the resource industry feel the initiative goes too far and will shut down resource development projects in Alaska. I gotta say, the name Stand for Salmon is pretty good. Who is against salmon? But whoever came up with the name for the opposing group, Stand for Alaska, knows how to throw a counter punch.

Both groups have a lot of Alaska businesses listed in their coalitions. The Stand for Salmon group is made up of a lot of lodges, breweries, and outdoor organizations and businesses. The Stand for Alaska group is made up of a lot of resource development and support businesses, labor unions, and Alaska Native Corporations. 

Stand for Salmon Spawns Questionable Coalition


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