Man faces 99 years for attempted murder of APD officer

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An Anchorage jury on Tuesday convicted Pagopago "Beefcake" Lelilio, 30, of attempted first-degree murder of an Anchorage Police Officer. In addition, he was also convicted on two counts of assault and one count of misconduct involving a weapon for being a felon in possession of a concealable firearm.

According to evidence presented at trial, on July 17, 2017, APD officers responded to a report of a gunshot on a residential street in Mountain View.  As the investigation started, Lelilio jumped out of a parked truck and ran away. He continued to run after officers who commanded him to stop.

"Two officers chased after Lelilio, and a third officer cut him off from in front," APD wrote in a statement. "Two of the officers were able to drag Lelilio to the ground. As they struggled, Lelilio fired a shot from a .40 caliber pistol concealed in his jacket pocket. The shot landed close enough that one of the police officers was able to feel dirt from the bullet impact spray him in the face."

Man faces 99 years for attempted murder of APD officer


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