Now Hiring: Border Patrol Agents

As we are facing another potential government shutdown if no deal is reach on funding for President Trump’s border wall, border security continues to be a major topic.One aspect of border security has to do with our border patrol agents and the struggle to recruit and keep agents.It’s a tough job, with harsh conditions, and there is also an issue with overtime pay.Ted Hesson, immigration reporter for Politico, joins us for more.

Next, the leaks continue to drip out from the White House. Axios has published another round of President Trump’s private schedules, again showing that he spends a lot of his day in unstructured “Executive Time.” The White House is furious about the leaks and expects some type of action to be taken this week. Alayna Treene, reporter for Axios, joins us for more on the leaks.

Finally, my favorite story coming out of the weekend, #DontWash.Fox News host Pete Hegseth said that he hasn’t washed his hands in 10 years, and germs are not a real thing because he can’t see them. While he was joking on the air, the Twitterverse exploded with tons of people expressing outrage over how someone could not wash their hands.My producer Miranda joins us to talk about how to properly wash your hands.



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