Dunleavy quietly nixes Alaska climate change strategy

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With little fanfare, Alaska's governor reversed seven previous administrative orders, including one that established a state climate change strategy and task force.

Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy issued his own action —Administrative Order 309 — to rescind the following:

AO 271– Issuing fiscal restraint order on six projects
AO 274– Revoking AO 271 only as related to the ASAP project
AO 278– Apprenticeship reporting requirements for State finance projects
AO 286– Workplace safety and economic security
AO 289– Alaska climate change strategy
AO 292– Governor’s Commuter Rail Advisory Task Force
AO 296– Affirming the State’s commitment to protecting employee privacy

The full order was posted to the official state website Friday, Feb. 22. and went into immediate effect Feb. 21. Dunleavy does not elaborate or offer any rationale for the decision within AO 309. 

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