Five things you should know about the Anchorage bond package

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Anchorage voters face a decision about whether to approve bonds during the municipal election, which ends April 2.

Here are five things you should know about the Anchorage bonds

1. If they pass, your property taxes will go up further. A homeowner with a valuation of $300,000 currently pays about $4,035 in property tax (this varies) and would pay nearly $81 more per year if all six bonds pass. Renters will see this additional cost passed along in higher monthly rent ($6.75 is the amount that would cover it).

2. The municipality currently carries $1.06 billion in voter-approved debt. Over half of that is school construction debt.

3. The ballot that voters have in the mail by now asks them to add an additional $113.1 million to Anchorage’s outstanding debt, for a total of $1.17 billion owed by property taxpayers — an increase of 11%.

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