North Pole superintendent says male students disciplined

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In a letter to parents and interested community members, the superintendent of the North Pole School District has set the record straight about the bathroom incident that left one male student with a groin injury. The incident occurred after a group of male students entered a girls’ bathroom at North Pole High School, surprising the girl who was in the bathroom. She took protective measures by kicking the first boy to enter the bathroom in the groin.

According to Superintendent Dr. Karen Gaborik, there had been a lot of discussion on campus about another student, who is in the process of presenting herself as a male in the process that is known as “transitioning.”

“The series of events at North Pole High School began when a student transitioning from female to male took a selfie in the boys’ restroom on Monday, April 1, and posted on Snapchat,” Gaborik wrote.

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