Trapping ordinance cites safety for pets, trappers say there's a better way

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Dog owners and fur trappers say they don't want to limit the recreational activities of one another, but a proposed ordinance has them divided, as both sides worry about the balance of safety and land use rights around trails near Anchorage.

AO 2019-50, introduced by Assembly members Pete Petersen and Suzanne LaFrance, would change trapping regulations in the Municipality of Anchorage to create buffer zones on trails to protect the public's safety.

It's currently illegal to trap in the majority of the Anchorage Bowl, anarea known as Unit 14C,according to state law. However, there are many areas that allow trapping in the municipality: portions of Chugach State Park, the Portage area, Girdwood, Bird Creek, Indian, designated parts of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Chugiak/Peter's Creek and the area North of Eklutna.

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