Is Gov. Dunleavy an accidental genius?

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Eating lunch the other day, a friend turned and asked: “So, do you think Dunleavy is crazy or an accidental genius?”

A good question, considering the maelstrom swirling around Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s controversial bid to bridge Alaska’s $1.6 billion budget shortfall without taxes, while providing full Permanent Fund dividends. His approach would mean taking a meat ax to the most sacred of cows – state government.

The mere thought of it renders our friends on the Left apoplectic. Letter writers to newspapers are spitting mad. Umbrageous pundits whine and moan about this transgression and that. Dunleavy is misguided, they say, a fibber, a mean man, a bully. Worse, he hates kids and education and he hates poor people, sick people and the Marine Highway System – and everybody else, too. Oh, and rural Alaskans.

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