Did Dunleavy just say that he won’t veto education?

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In a live broadcast Facebook event today, Gov. Michael Dunleavy made a surprising statement: If the House and Senate put education funding into the budget, he won’t veto it.

Say again?

During a nearly hour-long interview, where he took questions from viewers and answered them while sitting with press secretary Matt Shuckerow, Dunleavy said twice he would not veto education funding, if only the House and Senate will put the education funding into this year’s budget. His surprising quote comes late in the interview:

“As it regards to K-12, what we have said to legislative leaders here recently is, make sure that you fund education, make sure it’s in the budget, because there’s questions right now whether there’s funding in the budget, and we’re having those discussions, and this year we won’t look at reducing the size of the education budget … if they put the funding in it. So we can have this conversation over the summer and into the fall. Again, make this coming year an education year, an education reform year, where we all work together to see how we can change things to get the outcomes we all know we should have for all kids, regardless of what school, or school district, or part of the state they are in.”

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