Alleva, Grubstake Auction Co. sentenced in chemical misuse case

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State prosecutors argue he could have hurt people, but Ron Alleva says he was trying to help. The Anchorage businessman was sentenced Tuesday, aftera jury found him guilty of multiple misdemeanor environmental crimes.

In June 2018, Alleva told his employees to sprinkle Zappit, a chlorine bleach powder, on the sidewalk areas along Karluk Street near Bean’s Café and Brother Francis Shelter in downtown Anchorage, an area often occupied with homeless individuals who receive services from both agencies. 

Alleva owns Grubstake Auction Company, located along the same block.He has long expressed concern about a problem he says the homeless have created in the area, including trespassing and other crimes. He was also upset over large amounts of garbage, including syringes, used condoms and fecal matter on and around his property. 

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