Family stomped by mother moose in Kincaid Park

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The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is warning people to be extremely careful around moose after a family was stomped in Kincaid Park. Wildlife biologist Dave Battle said it happened Monday afternoon about a quarter-mile from the Raspberry Road parking lot.

Battle said a husband, wife and their daughter were walking on the Middle Earth Trail, a single-track trail that is popular with bikers, when they encountered the mother moose that charged them. According to Battle, the moose stomped both the woman and their daughter. Battle said the husband responded by shooting the moose.

"He had a 9 mm handgun and shot the moose several times and it apparently went down," Battle said. "We expected to find it laying there dead when we went in to find it, because they had left the scene. We got in there and [there was] no moose around."

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