Reporter asks if some Alaska villages are not much more than rape camps?

Suzanne Downing, publisher of the popular website, Must Read Alaska, argues U.S. Attorney General William Barr may not be getting the whole story when it comes to the epidemic of sexual assault against women in rural Alaska. Barr met with Alaska Native leaders last week.

“Did the Alaska Native leaders come clean with the full nature of the problem? These are matters that many Alaskans will not speak of openly, for fear of being called racist, “ writes Downing.

Downing writes the AG was mostly told the answer is more money, resources and an increase of tribal authority.

“Did tribes and village leaders come clean about the problem of Native-on-Native violence, the protection of perpetrators by village leaders, or the fact that some communities are — to be blunt — not much more than rape camps, “ Downing asked.

To hear some of my Monday morning interview with Downing, click on the video below.

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