They're playing you for the fool

Sen. Chris Birch, R - Anchorage, is proposing a $900 dividend check for Alaskans this year. Birch claims the state can’t afford to pay the statutorily required dividend of $3000. Birch says a $900 dividend will balance this year’s budget.

"We have a duty and responsibility to our children and their children to make sure that we don't deplete our $65 billion savings account by running through the earnings reserve in the same manner that the constitutional budget reserve was expended over the last few years," Sen. Birch told KTVA News.

But Birch ignores the fact that state government in Alaska is bloated and too big. Alaska state government has close to doubled in size since Sarah Palin signed ACES, the largest tax increase in state history.

Birch’s $900 dividend proposal would cost an Alaska family of four, $8500 this year. It’s tough pill to swallow considering legislators refuse to reduce the size of government.

Click on the link below to hear us talk about it on the show Friday morning.

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