University of Alaska Expenditures on Staff

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In February, Governor Michael Dunleavy proposed an operating budget which reflected $134 million less in state funding for the University of Alaska. His budget was not used as the basis for the appropriations work done by the legislature over the next few months. Thus the operating budget passed by the legislature on June 10 looked very different than that which was submitted by the governor. On June 28,Dunleavy vetoed $130 million of state funding to the University of Alaska, in line with his original proposal.

From the total University“2019 enacted” budget (most recent full fiscal year) of $889 million, the vetoes amount to an approximately 15% reduction in funds.

As of September 2018, 56.2 percent of University of Alaska expenditures on staff were for Administration and Support personnel. Instruction and Research staff expenditures total 42.5% with Athletics being 1.3% of expenditures on staff (1).

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