Listicle: Lawsuits piling up against Dunleavy Administration

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Does it seem like everyone is suing the Dunleavy Administration? A growing number of legislative and budgetary lawsuits have been filed in recent weeks and months, most of them against the Dunleavy Administration, but one lawsuit is actually on behalf of the governor’s actions. It’s hard to keep track, so we made a list:

  1. Venue of Special Session II-Juneau:Al Vezey, through his attorney Bill Satterberg,has sued the presiding officers of the House and Senate for not convening the second Special Session in Wasilla, as ordered by the governor. Gov. Michael Dunleavy called the session for July 8 in Wasilla, but Sen. President Cathy Giessel and House Speaker Bryce Edgmon refused the call and gaveled in in Juneau. The governor on July 17 relented and called the Special Session to Juneau. The legal question is whether Dunleavy has the right to name the venue for a special session that he calls. The Attorney General says the governor has that right, by Alaska Statute. Giessel and Edgmon say they have the right to change it if they want.
  2. Venue of Special Session II-Wasilla:Anchorage attorneys Kevin McCoy and Mary Geddeshave sued the governor for calling the special session in Wasilla. They say the session should have been called to Juneau.