Forced to hire someone who hates you

Should Gov. Michael J. Dunleavy, R-Alaska, be forced to hire someone who believes he’s evil? The governor fired former assistant attorney general Libby Bakalar when he took office. Bakalar is a hard-left attorney who apparently believes those who cut government are very nasty people.

Bakalar, with the help of the ACLU, is suing to get her job back. Considering the Bar Association controls one-third of Alaska’s government her chances of getting reinstated are pretty good.

Lawyers outnumber non-lawyers on the Alaska Judicial Council by one vote. The attorney dominated council forwards names to the governor of potential judicial nominees.The council can and often does filter out conservative candidates forcing the governor to chose from their list of judicial activists that view themselves as super-legislators not constrained by Alaska law or the constitution.

Bakalar will likely get a sympathetic ear in her quest to get her old job back. But why would she want to work for an administration for which she holds such hostility.

“Their sadism is unreal and sociopathic, “ Bakalar wrote on her blog. “They WANT people to suffer. They WANT to see people hurt. They WANT to damage our constitutional democracy and drive out arts and intellect so that all that’s left of Alaska is a smash-and-grab resource colony. They WANT to punish the sick, the poor, and the elderly for being poor, sick, and old. ”

If a leftist judge with no regard for the law forces Dunleavy to rehire Bakalar, it would be a monumental waste of government money. Obviously, the governor could not trust Bakalar with any responsibility considering she views him as someone who wants to “punish the sick, the poor, and the elderly. “

Only in the world of government would someone with such animosity toward their employer have a chance of getting their job back.

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