Brennan: Homeless taking over parks

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Homeless campers are taking over Anchorage city parks, most notably the Cuddy Family Park in Midtown.

We have a squirrel problem in our neighborhood — the little critters like to get into our house walls and drive my wife bonkers — so I have been live-trapping them and relocating them to Cuddy Park.

This summer, the squirrels are being greeted by many of their own kind, the folks who are pitching tents and makeshift shelters in one of this city’s most central and vital parks. The 15-acre park features a small lake and playground amenities attractive for children. It was built in 2000 from a small midtown park and dedicated to the Cuddy family with donation of 9.5 acres by descendants of banking pioneer Dan Cuddy. The family also put up funding for the park’s first round of improvements.

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