Jenkins: ‘Better Elections’ initiative would give Alaska law without gov.

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Here’s a surprise: An Outside group claiming it wants better government, and aided by the usual liberal suspects in Alaska, is sinking thousands of dollars into a 25-page ballot initiative that would, if eventually approved by voters, make foundational changes to the state’s election machinery.

The “Alaska’s Better Elections Initiative” would do that without the first hint of legislative input. It is sponsored by former independent state Rep. Jason Grenn, Bonnie L. Jack, and former Gov. Tony Knowles’ attorney general, Bruce Botelho.

The puppeteer holding the strings is Represent.Us, a Massachusetts-based group funded largely by left-wing organizations and hell-bent on undoing the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision recognizing political donations as speech protected by the First Amendment. It says it wants to “fix our broken elections.”

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