Five reasons why Lance Pruitt should run for Anchorage mayor

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Rep. Lance Pruitt is in his ninth year of representing East Anchorage House District 27, and in his 38th year of living in that same district. With the exception of being born out of district at Regional Hospital, he’s East Anchorage through and through.

Pruitt is being pushed by political activists to run for mayor of Anchorage — a race that now has several Democrats eyeing it, including Democrat Rep. Ivy Spohnholz, who is said to have the Mark Begich machine behind her, and Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar, who may get out in front of Spohnholz and file in October. Eric Croft, termed-limited out on the Assembly, is also interested, and even Assemblyman Christopher Constant has tested the idea with friends. Even Assemblywoman Austin Quinn-Davidson is rumored to be noodling the idea.

So far, no Republicans have shown much interest, and Pruitt has emerged as a recruitment target for an election that will take place 18 months from now, with early voting starting in early March of that year.

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