We haven't made up our mind: UA Board of Regents ponder consolidation

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On Friday the University of Alaska Board of Regents voted unanimously, 11-0, on a new directive paving the way for the board to prepare for various options when it comes down to institutional accreditation. 

"There was an instruction that the president wants us to come back with a plan that considered a single accreditation," Regent Chair John Davies said. "There was some I think misunderstanding that that meant that other things weren't still under consideration. So that vote was just to clarify that, that we want to do that and consider the other options."

The university system was originally facing a $135 million cut that sparked the board to look at all options to help absorb the cuts. One option was a transition to a single institutional accreditation done over one academic year. However, the budget situation has changed dramatically since late July.

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