Millions of public dollars spent to maintain “private” Campbell Lake

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On September 20, 2019, the Alaska Landmine published an investigative article “The bizarre story of Campbell Lake, the private lake that isn’t.” In that article we reported that the State of Alaska considers Campbell Lake, long claimed to be “private” by lakeside residents, to be a public navigable waterway under State law. Now, the Landmine has learned through emails, interviews, and public records requests that millions of dollars of State and Municipal funds have been spent to dam, dredge, maintain, and engineer utilities in the “private” lake.

Decades of harassment on Campbell Lake

Following the publication of the Landmine’s initial article, many individuals reported that they have been yelled at, threatened, or escorted off of the lake by Campbell Lake residents. While some lakeside residents told the Landmine that they support community use of the lake, individual statements show a decades-long pattern of widespread and persistent conflict with the public.

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