Traitors who took our PFD's (Save this List and Share it)!

The theft of the Permanent fund dividend began a couple of years ago when the Alaska Legislature voted to change the existing formula to the new POMV model. This linked the PFD to the budget and allowed the legislators to control the size of the payout. Here are the Legislators who voted to change that formula:

Sen. Chris Birch (R)

Rep. Chenault, Charles "Mike" M [R]

Rep. Claman, Matt [D]

Rep. Drummond, Harriet [D]

Rep. Edgmon, Bryce [D]

Rep. Foster, Neal W. [D]

Rep. Gara, Leslie S. [D]

Rep. Grenn, Jason S. [I]

Rep. Guttenberg, David [D]

Rep. Johnston, Jennifer B. [R]

Rep. Josephson, Andrew "Andy" L. [D]

Rep. Kito III, Sam S. [D]

Rep. Knopp, Gary [R]

Rep. Kopp, Charles "Chuck" M. [R]

Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins, Jonathan S. [D]

Rep. Lincoln, John [D]

Rep. Millett, Charisse E. [R]

Rep. Ortiz, Daniel "Dan" H. [I]

Rep. Pruitt, Lance [R]

Rep. Saddler, Dan [R]

Rep. Seaton, Paul K. [R]

Rep. Spohnholz, Ivy [D]

Rep. Stutes, Louise B. [R]

Rep. Talerico, David "Dave" M. [R]

Rep. Tarr, Geran [D]

Rep. Thompson, Steve M. [R]

Rep. Tuck, Chris S. [D]

Rep. Wool, Adam [D]

Rep. Zulkosky, Tiffany [D]

The other problem that led to the theft of the PFD were the Republicans Legislators who defected and joined the Democratic Caucus. These are the Republicans who betrayed us:

Gabrielle Ledoux

Bart LeBron

Gary Knopp

Tammie Wilson

Jennifer Johnston

Chuck Kopp

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