Not so fast: No speedy court date for recall group

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The Recall Dunleavy group was out of luck today in front of Superior Court Justice Eric Aarseth, who set the court date 10 am on Jan. 10 to hear the merits of the recall petition application, which was denied this month by the Division of Elections.

The pro-recall lawyers argued that with an expedited schedule, they would be able to get enough signatures to force a recall election by spring, before the next state budget is issued. The FY 2021 state budget seems to be the group’s main argument for asking for the court date for December.

To ask for an expedited schedule, the petitioners have to show actual harm, so the recall group did its best, but the real harm they were trying to avoid is having their base of support fizzle. Also, they want a special election, rather than having a recall put onto the General Election ballot next November. A court case dragging out is a bad thing for their strategy.

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