Top 10 Alaska Native Corporation executives payed combined $25 million 2018

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Documents obtained by the Alaska Landmine from the Division of Banking and Securities show that the top ten executives of Alaska Native Regional Corporations earned a combined $25 million in total compensation in 2018. The documents also show that eleven executives of regional corporations earned more than $1 million each in total compensation last year, with four earning over $3 million. In 1971 the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) established twelve regional corporations, as well as a thirteenth with no land conveyance. It also established 224 village corporations.

Topping the list are Butch Lincoln and Rex Rock Sr. from Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC), who both earned more than $5 million in total compensation last year. ASRC is by far the best performing Native Corporation and Alaska company. They are consistently the number one Alaska company on the Alaska Business Top 49 list. All twelve regional corporations also appear on the list.

The State of Alaska requires Alaska Native Corporations with over 500 shareholders to file annual reports that list the names and total compensation of the top five executives, the total compensation for all executives, board member compensation, and other company information. The information is publicly available but requires going in person to the Division of Banking and Securities office, locating the filings on a computer they provide, and copying them to a removable drive.

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