Jenkins: Note to government. Enough. Make it work.

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When dealing with our government betters bent on do-gooderism and civic improvement, the question eventually comes to this: How much taxpayer cash do they need to make our lives better?

In Anchorage, there is only one answer: More.

Our august Assembly is proof positive. Almost out of the blue, it is mulling two versions of a 5 percent retail alcohol tax and a six-year, 3 percent general sales tax offered by Chugiak-Eagle River Assemblyman Fred Dyson, all aimed at funding public safety and/or the battle against homelessness.

That does not even include a Johnny-come-lately “temporary” 3 percent general sales tax waiting in the wings. Pushed by something called “Project ‘20s Anchorage,” it would aim to raise $375 million over five years to pay for nine specific capital projects – many of them downtown and geared for tourism.

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