Alaska’s all-time record low unemployment inspires homebuyers.

Alaska’s economy is on the rebound. Optimism is up and families are excited about their future. Realtor Sheila Monson, an expert in buying and selling homes, says she believes 2020 will be a boom year for home buying in Alaska. And that’s good news for those looking to sell their home.

But Monson says current homeowners looking to sell often make a critical mistake in Alaska. They wait until summer before putting their home on the market thinking it’s a better time to sell. Monson says it is not.

Monson says putting your home on the market now gives the seller a decided advantage because there are fewer options available for buyers than in the summer. Less competition means the home seller can ask more for their home.

“There just isn't very much out on the market so take advantage of the early spring activity,” says Monson.

Monson says homeowners will encounter a more serious buyer if they put their property on the market now instead of waiting for summer.

“A lot of sellers think that the only time to sell their houses is in the summer. That is just flat out not true. In the summer there are a lot more looking. Many of them are just window shopping not really looking to buy. But in early spring, the foot traffic you encounter is typically serious about getting in a home,” says Monson.

Monson recommends you call her now to set up a private consultation and get the ball rolling on selling your home. Her number is 907-841-0840. Check out her Alaska Living and Real Estate blog at

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