Coronavirus impacts Alaska housing market

This is the time of year when homeowners looking to sell begin to put their house on the market. But according to real estate agent Sheila Monson, inventory in Alaska is very low right now. Monson says many homeowners wanting to sell are waiting to see how the coronavirus pandemic plays out and impacts the economy before putting their house on the market. Monson says that may be a mistake.

“I think homeowners should proceed because buyers are ready to buy,” said Monson. “I’m working with buyers right now, they’re preapproved, they got their down payment saved up, they’re ready to sign on the dotted line but there’s just really not much to choose from out there.”

Monson says the reason there are so many buyers currently is because interest rates are so low. When supply is low, and demand is high, it creates a perfect market for those looking to sell their homes.

Monson recommends you call her if you’re looking to sell or buy. Her number is 907-841-0840. Check out her Alaska Living and Real Estate blog at

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