Housing industry adjusts to the coronavirus scare

Despite the slow down in the economy as a result of the spread of COVID-19, homeowners are still looking for buyers and renters are still looking to become homeowners. Alaska Living and Real Estate agent Sheila Monson says the coronavirus may very well change forever the way homes are bought and sold. Agents will now rely more on technology.

“For us it hasn’t been a big change because of the technology that we have already been implementing we’re still doing business as usual,” says Monson.

Monson has been a pioneer in using high-end technology. She’s long offered an in-house advanced marketing department including 3-D walk through tours and advanced state of the art aerial photography.

“With this technology we can do virtual open houses,” says Monson.

Monson recommends you call her if you’re looking to sell or buy. Her number is 907-841-0840. Check out her Alaska Living and Real Estate blog at SheilaMonson.com.

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