Jenkins: Do the right thing. We can do this.

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Ah, the good ol’ days of just a few short months ago. Coming and going as we pleased. Hugging loved ones. Shaking hands with friends, even complete strangers. Gathering in bunches just for the heck of it. Snorfling and snuffling without wondering if we were going to die.

But here’s the thing: That was then; this is now.

Thanks to the deadly COVID-19 bug, we find ourselves living in a scary new world — one where our activities, our contact with other humans and our ability to live as we want increasingly is restricted. We are living in an age of disinfectants, hand-washing, stifling masks and rubber gloves. The medicinal odor of Clorox and rubbing alcohol will haunt us for generations.

As we act to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our most vulnerable and, God bless them, our first responders, many of us seem to get the immensity of all that; that things have changed. Some of us clearly do not.

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