Alaska Housing market still functioning despite COVID-19

COVID-19 fears have caused Alaska’s economy to come to a standstill for the most part with 60,000 residents filing for unemployment in recent weeks. But despite that turmoil, people are still buying and selling homes.

Alaska Living and Real Estate agent Sheila Monson says there are plenty of people still looking to buy homes in Alaska even though we are experiencing unprecedented times.

“Just yesterday I was working on two new homes to put on the market and up for sale and I got called by three different buyers who wanted to write offers,” said Monson.

Monson says her company is relying more on virtual tours to show homes during the COVID-19 crisis. She says she can do live walk throughs over Facebook giving potential homebuyers the opportunity to ask questions about the house in real time as she gives a walking tour.

“The Alaska housing market is definitely not in a coma. People that are positioned to take advantage of the market now are taking advantage of the market now. There are buyers out there and there are people looking to sell their homes,” said Monson.

If you are in the market to buy or wanting to sell, Sheila recommends you contact her. Her number is 907-841-0840. Check out her Alaska Living and Real Estate blog at

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