That time (more about bear safety)

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The chilliest winter in some years has come to an end in Alaska’s largest city with April looking to be the first month since December to end with the monthly average temperature near or above normal.

The bears that have been absent for six months have emerged from their winter’s sleep – surprise, surprise, surprise.

And the cute and simplistic advice on how to deal with bruins has begun.

“While we’re all steadfastly following COVID-19 protocols, getting out into the fresh air is allowed assuming physical-distancing guidelines are being adhered to. While you are out doing just that, should you happen to see a bear, DO NOT RUN. Are you going to want to run? Of course you are,” an Anchorage Police Department (APD) “Community Message” emailed to city residents on Saturday said. “Bears are big and smelly, have sharp teeth and claws, and have a super scary growl. Here’s the thing, though: you most definitely are NOT Usain Bolt. And even if you were, you would still get caught and chewed on. Usain was once clocked running at just under 28 mph. Bears can run over 30 mph. Do the math. Also, prey runs. The second you start to beat feet, the bear will believe you to be fast food (although not fast enough) and will chase you down.”

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