Coronavirus, the Economy, and Taxes: An Alaska Opinion Survey

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Here are the highlights:

  • A hugely significant number of Alaskans have faced financial hardship due to coronavirus, at 42%. Of the 28% of survey participants who own or manage a business, 44% say coronavirus and related shutdowns have impacted the long-term viability of their businesses. Of that 44%, 2% have already permanently closed their doors, and another 22% say they are likely to close. As a percentage of all business owners, including those who have not been impacted by coronavirus, only 1% has already closed; another 9% expect to close.
  • Since March, the number of Alaskans who think the coronavirus is blown out of proportion has almost doubled, but nearly two thirds of Alaskans still consider it a real threat as of late May. Since March, we’ve gone from 80% believing the worst is yet to come to just 38%, with corresponding trends in the growth of respondents who think the worst is behind us or its not likely to be a problem at all. While concern for becoming ill has lessened, 55% are still very or somewhat worried about themselves or a family member catching coronavirus.
  • Back in March, 54% of respondents said that the state would not go far enough in responding to the coronavirus, which has held steady through May. A significant number of respondents remain unsure. There has been a HUGE change in Alaskans’ opinions on whether to reopen the state from just April to May, with most now in support of removing the mandates.