Jenkins: Anti-maskers not only wrong, they are dead wrong

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Here is a question: Why are there so many wackadoodles fighting any suggestion they should wear a face mask while in public places to help slow the spread of COVID-19?

Some people wear them in crowded public areas because they should, and they know they should as the COVID-19 pandemic again ramps up, threatening to inundate hospital critical care units with burgeoning numbers of new cases daily. Many do not — including at least one Alaska legislator, for crying out loud — because they are, well, openly, unapologetically meshuggeneh, with many believing the push for us to wear masks is a secret government mind-control effort in which, at the end, we are reduced to drooling, mask-wearing toadies.

It should be noted anti-maskers do not seem to mind requirements for shoes and shirts in stores and restaurants. Nor do they much seem to mind anymore that you cannot simply light up a cigarette anyplace you choose or break out a bottle of booze for a quick snort, or that they must wear a seatbelt when they get behind the wheel. Maybe, over time, they simply have become accustomed to those rules. Not so with wearing masks to help slow the spread of coronavirus. The mere suggestion sends them into a chest-thumping tizzy.

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