Mayor, Assembly announce distribution plan for Anchorage's CARES Act funds

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During a news conference Monday, Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Anchorage Assembly Chair Felix Rivera announced the city's plan for distributing its remaining Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act funding. 

The Municipality of Anchorage received $156 million in CARES Act dollars to mitigate local costs of COVID-19. Around $22.5 million has already been allocated.The Anchorage Assembly's website now allows people to view how the rest of the money is set to be distributed. 

According to the website, the money is divided into the following priority areas: 

Economic Stimulus: these programs offer support for residents and businesses.

Family Support:these programs offer support for families, children, caregivers, and dependents.

Housing & Homelessness:these programs offer support for renters, landlords, home and property owners, and individuals experiencing homelessness.

Public Health & Safety:these programs offer support for resident health, wellness, and safety.

Community Investments:these programs offer support for long standing community infrastructure and programs that will continue to improve quality of life for Anchorage municipal residents.

Municipal Response:these programs offer support for the Municipality of Anchorage for resources allocated to keep residents safe.

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