Quality Equipment

What's up? Crash here from the Mike Porcaro show. If you listen to the show you've probably heard me mention "Quality Equipment" a time or two. If you operate a business that deals with snow and ice control, street sweepers, sand/gravel/salt spreaders, buses or fleet maintenance, you are probably familiar with them. If not. you should be. There is a reason they have been operating here in Anchorage for 37 years. They are the best, and now that we finally have some snow, if you are in the market for a plow or maybe a spreader go see them, or at the very least, check out their website, there is a link below. It doesn't matter how big or small you want to go, Quality Equipment has exactly what you need. Any size plow, small, large and tailgate spreaders, sanders, sweepers. You name it-they have it. Call them today 349-6215.


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