Background on Alaska judges who are up for election...

On Nov. 3, Alaskans will vote to either retain or remove 22 judges from across the state. This is the only time residents have any say over who sits on the bench. Unfortunately, most voters know very little of the judges before they head to the polls.

The notoriously liberal Alaska Judicial Council recommends Alaskans vote to keep all 22 judges. Their recommendation, however, does not provide any information on the backgrounds or rulings of these men and women.

In an effort to assist Alaskans in casting their votes, the Alaska Watchman has compiled background information on 12 of the 22 judges up for retention. This information comes from theirapplications to serve on the benchalong with research into their past rulings and affiliations. There is considerably more information on some judges than others. Behind each name we include our recommendation.

Click the link below to see the background and info on all the judges up for election...

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