Mask Mania Continues to Spread

CLAY: The biggest current Democratic mask hypocrite, I would say, is Mayor Bowser from Washington, D.C., who managed to officiate a wedding and appear at a several-hundred-person post-wedding celebration, Buck Sexton. But she was not wearing a mask, in violation of her own rules, becoming the latest Democratic politician to have rules for thee but not for me, and there’s so much chaos and hypocrisy that continues to build around the mask mandates. How was your weekend, Buck Sexton, and do you think that things can get any more insane?

BUCK: Oh, it’s gonna get crazier, everybody. Strap in all across the country. I can assure you. Because here’s what you have to remember. There’s an inverse relationship between clarity for rational people and insanity for the irrational people, as in we see more data, we see more reality and say, “Okay. Things are gonna calm down.” They actually get more insane, because they’ve convinced themselves that the moment they start to let up and believe some of those other numbers is when they really have to lock things down even more.

Plus, if we don’t do what they want us to do and everything actually happens the way we say it will, Clay, maybe they were wrong all along which is another huge fear they have. But you asked about the weekend. First of all, Tiana Lowe with the Washington Examiner with the hat tip on the reporting about Mayor Bower in D.C.

CLAY: Yeah, she did a great job with that.

BUCK: We’re gonna dive into that in a second just because it’s so classic. She joins that long list of all these: The governor of California, Newsom; the mayor of Chicago —

CLAY: — Lori Lightfoot, flagrantly breaking her own rules.

BUCK: Lori Lightfoot needs a haircut and because she’s important and you’re not That was the rule in Chicago. But I got told over the weekend in my own neighborhood in a wine store, “Excuse me, sir, you have to leave. You don’t have a mask on.” I’m sitting there; I’m saying, “There’s no mask mandate. What?” Oh, oh, now we’re gonna do this thing where some people in some stores expect you to have the emergency smelly mask in your back pocket.

Because let’s be honest: It gets sweaty and then it it sits in the back the pocket. You don’t really use it all the time. No one’s washing their masks, too. These things are petri dish, and it’s, “Oh, okay. For you I’ll put on my mask,” and I’m sure the people in the store go out to eat or they go to another grocery store without their masks on. But we’re gonna keep playing this game until they’ve exhausted themselves with their irrationality, Clay, which might take a very long time.

CLAY: Yeah, I talked about this on Friday. I landed in Las Vegas on Thursday night two hours before their mask mandate went into effect at midnight on Friday. So on Friday, my wife went down to the gym in the hotel we were staying at. We were at the Palazzo out on the Strip for people out in Vegas, and she went to work out in the gym while we were doing our show on Friday in the morning, on Pacific Time out there.

So she worked out Friday. She goes back down to work out on Sunday; they have changed everything in the gym, Buck. They have an employee who is walking around the gym to ensure that people who are running on treadmills have their masks accurately up above their nose. If you are running on a treadmill and your mask falls down for any period of time at all below your nose, she was immediately telling people that they had to lift their masks back up.

This is a Las Vegas hotel, right? It’s not like people make typically really great, healthy decisions in Las Vegas. Probably the people that are in the gym working out in the morning in that Las Vegas hotel are pretty healthy relatively speaking. She is walking around the gym telling people — as they are working out, as they are running full speed on treadmills — that they have to ensure that their mask is not falling down.

And, by the way, it’s almost impossible to run very fast with a stupid mask on your face where you can’t get oxygen. There is no way that is safer. They’re going to have, if they haven’t already had, lawsuits from people who are trying to work out that end up passing out because they can’t get enough oxygen. And that has to be, statistically, infinitely more dangerous than you breathing out during the post-covid-19 when so many people are vaccinated and so many people have already had it. All this is insanity.

BUCK: Everyone’s gonna have the place where they have to draw the line coming up.

CLAY: That’s right. For her, that was it. She said, “I’m out.” She took off the mask and she left the gym. She said she can’t do this.

BUCK: That’s where we’re going here. For some people — I would put myself in this category, although Mrs. Travis going to the gym a lot more than I do. The gym is going to be a line for me. Whenever I do finally get my butt into the gym, I’m not wearing a mask in the gym. People can come up to me; they can give me crap. It’s too much. For a lot of people, though, I think it’s going to be schools.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: You’re seeing it now playing out. Some states are fighting back against this; other states are saying that they’re going to go forward with this. You’re gonna have masked children in some schools, unmasked children in others and this is gonna terrify the mask maniacs because we’ll have real data sets to look at of people the same age range in different states, and did masks do anything with regard to outbreaks in cases?

Now, they’ll ignore the data because they always do but at least we’ll have the data in a clear and straight forward way. But I think everyone needs… We have been when a I’ve been saying, Clay, up to this points is that in a few weeks it will be clear that this is a wave like the other waves and it will start to go down again.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: But as we know just because there’s a wave and we see it and it happens as we say, they never learned the necessary lessons from this process playing out. The lockdowners always find a way to justify it in their heads. What you’re seeing now is a move toward Covid Zero as the overall mentality. This is why the Washington Post reports on how many cases there are, and people say, “Well, hold on a second. What about the fact that fatalities are down over 90% from the peak?”

CLAY: Right.

BUCK: Cities like New York have one or two people dying a day from covid. Every death is a strategized but we got a lot more people than that literally getting shot in some of these cities. You’ve got people dying from heart disease in much higher numbers. There’s a total disconnect from the reality, and if we saw what goes on in some of these European countries… Did you see some of these protests over the weekend?

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: In Germany. In France. When you have Germans with “POLIZEI” on their chests going into cafes and bludgeoning old people for not obeying state mandates, that should make the hair on the back of your neck stand up a little bit. This is getting really authoritarian and scary in other countries, never mind Australia where they’ve called out the military, and they’re fining people $500 for being seen without a mask in public. This is absolute insanity, but the Democrats have not accepted that at all. They’re actually doubling down, and I’m hearing there’s a Biden speech coming this week where he’s gonna do just that.

CLAY: Yeah, and here’s the thing: You can look at the data if we want to. England is an interesting example We talked about India where the Delta variant emerged in the first place. Almost no one in India is vaccinated and they’ve actually done antibody studies that show that two-thirds of India basically got covid. And we’ve talked about this a lot, Buck.

The reason why I would point to England is England does studies — and I don’t know why we haven’t done these studies in the United States. It’s an interesting question and I think an indictment of our overall health leadership. But they are projecting now in England as cases are starting to decline fairly precipitously — despite the fact that they’ve opened the country back up in a big way on July 19th.

Buck, 92% of people in England, according to the studies that they’ve done, have either been vaccinated or had covid. So we talk a lot about herd immunity. At least we used to. If we know 92% of the people in England have either gotten the vaccine or have had covid, I would think that our numbers in the United States can’t be that much different than England. Wouldn’t you think it’s somewhat similar?

BUCK: This is an essential conclusion, and we didn’t even discuss this beforehand, but was I thinking about this all weekend, and I completely agree with where this takes us. What really should be posed to the public — and I’m basing this on your U.K. data you’re citing, which I’ve also seen — is your choice is actually… And they’ve never told you. They’ve pretend all the stuff the State — the big S State — has done, has been, “We will keep you safe.”

CLAY: Right.

BUCK: “Do everything we say, and we will keep you safe,” and really what you see is your choice is just how you’re exposed to covid and under what circumstances. You can get it after being vaccinated. You’ll be exposed to covid after being vaccinated which might mean you have no infection, and it is very effective up to this point at preventing severe illness and death.

That is what the data says so far. People are worried about it declining. But really what we’ve set up here is a choice between get covid naturally or get vaccinated and maybe still get covid, but it is a small, small percentage but it’s either get vaccinated or get covid. There is not this… All this other stuff that you hear about is noise ’cause essentially everyone is going to be exposed to it at some point.

CLAY: That’s right. That’s the entire purpose of the vaccine is to expose your body to covid. So either you’re gonna get it naturally or you’re gonna get it artificially through the vaccine.

BUCK: And that’s it. So all the stuff about the people… This is why you have to put yourself in the minds of those who were double masking outside even when they were going bicycling with their children, Lake and Xavier and Atticus or whatever. (chuckling) I’m thinking of Brooklyn people here who are all about, all about the most extreme measures possible. They’re in their thirties!

CLAY: They have zero risk statistically.

BUCK: Almost zero risk. But for them, their mind-set is, “Oh, but even though I’m vaccinated, I could still get it, and it’s those evil Trump supporters.” It is the low-risk vaccinated who are pushing the madness. The unvaccinated right now out there are saying, “I made my choice. Let it ride.” It’s the people —

CLAY: And, by the way, the unvaccinated may also have already had covid, too, Buck. This discussion about, “Oh, there’s people who are refusing to get the vaccine.” A lot of those people think or know that they had covid. So, again, I go to that 92% ’cause we spend a lot of time talking about what percentage of people have been vaccinated or are refusing to be vaccinated or are totally vaccinated depending on the age.

If you actually look at that British study, 92% of people either have had the vaccine or have had covid — and a lot of those 92%, by the way, Buck, have had both, correct? There’s a lot of people out there who had covid and also have gotten the vaccine, and all of this — as you said — is virtue signaling madness. The people who are vaccinated are the most restrictive on what they want to be done still.

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