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Andrew Cuomo and Alan Dershowitz Warn Dems on Mar-a-Lago Raid

BUCK: We are diving into this stunning news from yesterday of the raid on former President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, and I do believe that we have now been put on… Well, there’s really… There’s two pathways. It’s just a question which one we’re on. Either this is… Here. Andrew Cuomo, I think — Clay, hat tip — describes one of these pretty well. This is the former governor, disgraced governor of New York.

I think that’s absolutely true. My guess here, personally I think we’re gonna find out that it is inconsequential archive classification dispute bullcrap, but the other option is there’s a sealed federal indictment and they’re actually gonna go after Trump possibly on the inconsequential documents, but to try to trump it up — pardon the expression — make it seem like a bigger deal. So, Cuomo’s analysis, I think, on that score is pretty good.

CLAY: A hundred percent right.

BUCK: Here is Alan Dershowitz. We all know Dersh. Here is Dershowitz saying the FBI better have the goods on this one, and it better be the real deal.

BUCK: I don’t see it happening, either, Clay.

CLAY: I don’t, and let’s just be honest. If you had smoking-gun proof, Trump had 18 months to get rid of it, and why not it already been uncovered as a part of January 6th where they tried to draw all sorts of outlandish connections between Trump and some of the stories that they allowed to be told in that hearing. And what Dershowitz is pointing out is I do think also key, don’t mistake here what was going on.

I think they wanted to do this raid when Trump was not there, and they probably had to… Remember, their Secret Service protection at Mar-a-Lago, the FBI would have had to contact the Secret Service and say, “Hey, we’re showing up in a predawn raid,” I would think, Buck, because otherwise the Secret Service agents are gonna be like, “No, you can’t have access to a private residence of the president.” We were talking about this off-air. I really believe that the DOJ wants to arrest Trump. How do you arrest someone with an entire Secret Service security detail?

BUCK: You certainly can’t —

CLAY: Even the negotiate —

BUCK: Yeah, you can’t hold him in, like, a normal jail cell. That would be a risk to the former president’s person, obviously.

CLAY: So, you would have to, I would think, allow him to turn himself in while accompanied by his Secret Service detail or the Secret Service detail have to stay with…I mean, the whole concept is so utterly ridiculous even to work through, but they certainly had to, even to enter Mar-a-Lago, because I don’t imagine that you get access to a Form president’s residence like that without substantial negotiation.

BUCK: What about Biden allowing this process — when I say “allowing,” it’s happening on his watch: allowing this process to play out and then preemptively pardoning Donald Trump before he could actually face true criminal charges? I know that sounds crazy to people, but that would then put it in a position where Biden gets to say my pardoned felon opponent going forward even if he’s never convicted, even if the charge is never brought, it’s, “I stepped in and did the right thing.

“So Donald Trump should do the righted thing by not running again.” I’m just trying to think through how this… I believe it’s gonna be essentially what Cuomo laid out, which is we’re gonna find — which is why everyone now, all the libs, all the smarmy, dishonest libs are saying, “It was a lawful warrant. Let the process play out. Let’s see what’s in it. We don’t know.”

As if we haven’t seen endless abuse of the system already against Trump with Russia collusion and everything else. We can’t even go over it all right now. I think that we’re gonna wake up and in two weeks they’re gonna be saying, “Oh, well, Trump wasn’t playing nicely with the National Archives, and he’s not above the law and so they had to do this.” That’s where this is, I think, probably gonna go.

CLAY: If you wanted to go down the line of your Biden pardons him, that certainly would be cross-party, as opposed to Gerald Ford obviously pardoning Richard Nixon on his resignation. This would be different, but it also would be somewhat intriguing I would think, Buck, because it could allow the cover to allow Hunter Biden to be pardoned as well. This has all gotten so nasty.

Joe Biden tries to say — and this goes to my theory of I still think the DOJ, in order to charge Trump, which I predicted they would do, has to charge Hunter Biden as well, and that allows, for people out there who missed this prediction, that allows Merrick Garland to stand up and say, “Whether you’re the president’s son or a former president, nobody is above the law,” and then that wipes out the Biden pardon could potentially be applied to both.

BUCK: So, is it really possible…? We all understand that there’s a national political consideration of bringing a criminal charge against not only a former president but an active candidate, in essence —

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: — we all know it — for the president the next time around. Is it really feasible that Joe Biden would sit in the White House and say — and be, you know, washing his hands of this situation and say, “I can’t get involved here? They’re just gonna prosecute him.” And I ask that question honestly. I go back and forth. On the one hand I feel like that’s so outlandish and so grotesque.

But, on the other hand, we have to remember, they are still suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. The lib apparatus hates Donald Trump more than they have hated any politician in memory. And I think that — maybe, you know, ever in the history of the republic, certainly while I’ve been alive. That means that they’re irrational. You can’t trust these people.

CLAY: Well, worse than that, too, Buck, did you see the video Joe Biden couldn’t put on a jacket getting off the helicopter yesterday? Today, he tried to shake hands with Chuck Schumer twice within the span of about five seconds, like a goldfish appearing to forget that he had just shaken hands with Chuck Schumer. The reason why I bring that up is, what you’re asking requires a competent, logical, fully functioning Joe Biden brain to be able to analyze all the permutations of the choices that he’s making.

I don’t think Joe Biden can do that right now. And so, what does Ron Klain do? What does Kamala Harris do? What does the apparatus that is currently running our country do? And I also think — maybe we talk about this at the top of the second hour — do you buy into the idea that Joe Biden has no clue? The White House said, “Oh, we found out about this raid on Twitter.” Do you buy in to the concept or the idea that Merrick Garland is helping to get a warrant to investigate Donald Trump, and no one inside of the Biden White House knows about this at all?

BUCK: Zero chance.

CLAY: Yeah. Agree with you.

BUCK: Biden knows… Garland obviously signed off on this at some level, right, the —

CLAY: I don’t think Merrick Garland, the attorney general, does this, I don’t think he has the stones, personally, to make this choice without the White House knowing that he’s making this choice.

BUCK: Right. Well, this is where you see the independence of the DOJ is, to borrow from Captain Jack Sparrow… Well, no, actually it’s not cap. It’s the other guy from the movie, “It’s more of a guideline than a rule,” you know.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: It’s really… It’s a little bit like recusal. People say, “Oh, you have to recuse yourself.” Nah, it’s a judgment call, and libs generally don’t recuse themselves on politically important cases. This is why Trump was furious with Jeff Sessions over Russia collusion stuff because he said, you gotta be kidding me, you’re feeding me to the wolves over this one. And on this, yeah, technically speaking Merrick Garland… First of all, they should have… If this is the real issue at this level, Clay, of course they should appoint a special counsel, but they don’t want to appoint a special counsel because they want to keep political control of it.

CLAY: That’s right, and I don’t buy… I understand they’re going to say publicly, the White House is, “We had no idea about this.” I do not buy that there’s a predawn raid of the man you just beat and competed against as president and may well be running against again and you had no clue it was happening until you opened up the Twitter machine and saw the news breaking.

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